Zcash (ZEC)


Zcash (ZEC) is digital cash for making online payments with much better privacy protection than Bitcoin. Zcash offers the possibility to make anonymous payments on a transparent Blockchain. You can choose to encrypt the contents of a transaction and information about the recipient and sender of the transaction. Only users with a specific View Key can view all information about the transaction. If you would consider Bitcoin as the http for money, Zcash is the https protocol. Zcash is the first cryptocurrency to cleverly combine Bitcoin’s blockhain technology with flexible encryption technology to ensure financial privacy.


Zcash is a new name for the older ZeroCoin project of Matthew Green, Ian Miers, Christina Garman, Aviel D. Rubin associated with The Johns Hopkins University Department of Computer Science, Baltimore, USA. The ZeroCoin project has been taken up by an international top team in the field of cryptocurve development: Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees, Barry Silbert, and Li Xiaolai. These gentlemen have also received venture capital from Pantera, Fenbushi, and The Digital Currency Group to perfect Zcash.


The development of Zcash is managed by the Zcash foundation. Many famous cryptocurrency specialists are associated with this foundation as advisers such as Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. At this moment, Alchemy is working on the integration of Zcash on Ethereum. This will enable Ethereum to support anonymous smart contracts and transactions. This will be implemented in the latest version of Ethereum – Metropolis.