The first step in the world of bitcoin is to create a bitcoin account. In the world of bitcoin, a bitcoin bill is called a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet allows you to create bitcoin addresses to receive bitcoins. A bitcoin address is best comparable to your bank account number. You can therefore send and receive bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet. Different types of wallets are available, each with its own characteristics and specifications.

We discuss here the hardware wallet “Ledger Wallet Nano S” This wallet is reliable due to the fact that your currency is stored offline. You can use this to store your crypto currency safely and securely offline. The most ideal way for the long-term investor.

The official video manual below shows how you can manage your ledger Nano S within 1 minute, with its usb port, oled screen and two keys to validate transactions.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Image: Cointelegraph