Online wallet

In addition to this Ledger hardware wallet, you can also use the online wallets from Litebit. Here you can easily create an account and then go to the “My Wallet” tab. You click on “deposit” at the desired currency and then on “generate address”. You can use the address that comes from, for example, to send your coins from Litebit, Bitonic or BTCDirect. Always check the address carefully before you proceed with the transaction.

Pay attention; the sending of cryptocoins must always be done from a specific wallet. Bitcoin from a bitcoin wallet and litecoin from a litecoin wallet. The incorrect sending of coins results in the loss of your coins.


You do not have to be an expert in English to understand that a multi-wallet contains many (multi) wallets. Instead of a type of cryptocurrency, you can store multiple types of coins in a multiwallet.

Coinomi is one of the more famous multi-wallets and supports the most popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Reddcoin, Verge, Nav and many other currently less well-known Altcoins. I myself use a Ledger Nano S for a number of Altcoins. However, many new Altcoins are not supported on this. This makes it convenient to have a wallet like Coinomi.

Make backups!

Before you get started, the most important message. Make backups! Imagine if your computer crashes or is stolen (so you can no longer access your wallets), then you can no longer access your currency. I do that myself by hiding all my wallet backups on a usb stick at a place not to be specified. Should I lose my primary storage location for whatever reason, I will always have a copy to hand.