Neo (NEO)


The new fairy tale of the cryptomarket is called NEO. This crypto currency was still under $ 1 in mid-May. Today, the Chinese counterpart of Ethereum is trading around $ 50. This makes NEO the 5th largest crypto currency in the world with a market capitalization of $ 2.5 billion. This is still 11 times less than Ethereum.

What is NEO

Cryptomunt NEO used to be known as Antshares. Just like Ethereum, it uses a unique blockchain algorithm where smart contracts are also possible. It ensures decentralized trade. NEO – named after a character from The Matrix – would even have solutions to problems that make Ethereum susceptible to hackers.

You can therefore compare NEO with Ethereum, but then focus mainly on China. Ethereum = West – NEO = China.
Another advantage that NEO has over Ethereum is the coding. NEO uses traditional coding programs. Ethereum has its own language for coding. In this way NEO is much more open to new developers.