Price drop

What to do in the event of extreme falls in your cryptocurrency portfolio?

At the moment there is a lot going on in the world of cryptocurrencies that have a negative influence on the value of digital coins. We also call these sharp price falls “Bloody Crypto Days”. Something that occasionally occurs when a lot of negative news has come out.

A summary of recent events:

China regulating / restricting the ICOs. The American government that wants to tax digital currency. Uncertainty in the North Korea conflict, in which China, Japan and America play a major role. Many new investors who suffer from “weak hands” and sell coins as soon as they are even in the minus.

How do you handle these days?

We have already experienced situations such as on a bloody day, where the total crypto market value has fallen by more than 25%. After all, this is market forces and it is “unfortunately” part of it. Try to stay calm because you can also take advantage of this moment by purchasing the top coins cheaply now! We have consistently followed this tactic since we are active in the world of crypto. Put about 25% of your profit back to the Bitcoin or to the USDT (TETHER on BITTREX) ”. If you continue to use that method, you can buy the top coins cheaply at the correction and crash moments!

Trust your previously made choices

All digital coins that we hold are purchased on the basis of good and thorough research. We know the growth and value potentials of all currencies. It is very annoying that the coins are sometimes deep in red on days. But with the science and experience of the past periods, we are confident that the coins will bounce back sooner or later.

Do you already have your own plan of action for monthly price corrections?