Last day to participate to FRIENDZ ICO!

It was summer when we started considering the idea of launching our own ICO: the business was growing pretty fast and we were looking around for opportunities to fund it. Our dream was bringing Friendz app all around the world, creating the biggest community which ever existed in support of the brands advertising campaigns.

We had a couple of ideas on how to make the dream come true but they were all implying a great degree of patience and a certain dose of luck (it is not everyday thing to find investors ready to provide you with that €1M needed to implement the business!).

And it was just when we were ready to look for more additional creative options to boost Friendz, that the ICO world opened up to us. And then, epiphany. From day one, we fully dedicated ourselves to the project recognizing the huge potential it could have brought to our company.

We became blockchain experts day by day, realizing that there was nothing that a deep study wouldn’t cover or help with. The ICO world is a jungle and we were feeling like explorers in their quest for the Crypto Grail. Our only goal was to secure a consistent capital for Friendz global expansion, leading to the acquisition of larger communities of users and the provision of more services for happier clients.

Today is the final day to join Friendz ICO and we feel like we can start celebrating the results achieved! The numbers speak for themselves: 13.778 people joined the ICO (those that we call “goldfish”), with the company of some whales, for a total amount of 16.801 transactions processed. And on the top of that, Friendz was able to secured 22.8M ETH necessary for bringing the business to a very new level.Moreover, we are sealing the deal with top exchanges. You only have to wait a bit longer to know which ones. We like to keep you on edge!

Our developers are working hard as well to keep faith to what we told you. They are implementing the blockchain technology in our project (as our whitepaper said) and, a few weeks after the launch of the Android global app, they are already working on it to give you an even better user experience. Also, have you seen the first pictures uploaded in the app for the international campaigns? They are amazing!

If you are wondering about the worldwide expansion, well, we have good news for you. We are already making room for the next community managers ready to help you, entertain you with dozens of campaigns, being day by day at your side.

We are proud of what we achieved so far. If creating a functioning and useful app is a dream in the first place, sharing that app with people all around the World is an even bigger and ambitious one.

But we managed to do it. Your feedback was overwhelming and the fact that so many people believe in what we do, pushes us to do better everyday.

Today is the last call. Friendz ICO will close on March 21st at 10:00 UTC.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get on board and be part of our community!

With love,
Friendz Team
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