Dash (DASH)


DASH is a super fast privacy altcoin based on Bitcoin’s cryptographic p2p technology, the Blockchain. The advantage of DASH is that it is much faster as a cryptocurrency than Bitcoin because it has a more effective and lighter block chain.

You can immediately make or receive payments via Instant Send. It is not necessary to wait for confirmation. Dash also protects the financial privacy of its users much better. You can execute semi-anonymous transactions via Private Send.

DASH has already built up an important market capitalization in a short time thanks to a very active decentralized organization and community with clear objectives. A concrete example: with Dash, 10% of all transaction fees go to the general treasury funds (Dash Treasury).

This Treasury can be used for the development and financing of all kinds of important Dash projects. The development of Dash does not depend on volunteers and donations for developing the network. This makes DASH unique and therefore this cryptocurrency is an interesting investment.