LAPO Coin (LAX): the bridge between cryptofinance and traditional financial world.

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto presented the first concept of the Blockchain in a Whitepaper. In 2009 from this idea he created the Bitcoin and the Blockchain officially was born. Since then many new coins have been created, new technologies developed and the blockchain evolved providing a range of useful features and services.

LAPO Blockchain continues this evolution redesigning and improving those already tried and tested technologies to deliver an integrated, fast, privacy-centric, decentralized cryptographic payment ecosystem.

The core of this ecosystem (called LAPO ePlatform) is LAPO Coin, a cryptocurrency designed for real-world application. Unlike other Cryptos that are too complex, too fluctuating and too slow, LAPO Coin has the technology to be integrated into real-world business. This means that everybody could use LAPO (LAX) to buy products or pay for services, easily and quickly.

LAPO Coin will build a stable reliable bridge between cryptofinance and traditional financial world.

LAX is based on DASH technology which we found the most complete match for our purposes. We improve this technology adding new features including smart contracts, greater network stability , faster block generation, and a tokenization system.

Cryptocurrencies are unique in the sense that they are the only digital currency that is not someone else’s liability. They are fungible, decentralized, and as valuable as the network of users that support them. Unfortunately, they suffer from very high volatility, because their perception of value constantly changes as users enter and leave the ecosystem.

Our approach to solve the volatility problem is to implement Seigniorage Shares. Seigniorage Shares differ substantially from the approaches taken by the likes of BitShares, Stabl, and MakerDAO, as it involves no collateralized obligations or short/long positions with respect to some underlying asset.

LAPO Coin is the core of the LAPO ePlatform, all the transactions running on the ePlatform will always be converted to LAPO Coin immediately and can then be converted at any time to other cryptocurrencies or fiat at the exchange rate calculated during the transaction.


  • LAPO Coin is a Cryptocurrency for real world application
  • Human centric and Privacy focused
  • Lightweight Blockchain size
  • Fast transaction time, only 2 to 5 seconds
  • Atomic Swap
  • Multi language
  • Aliasing system designed to avoid Spoofing, Phishing & Typing errors
  • Multi language and professionally designed Wallet for the best
  • User Experience (UX) and for a flat learning curve for end users; using Near Field Communications (NFC) for funds transfer and payment.

Do you want to know more about LAX? Read there Whitepaper

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