Digipham Links up with Swiss Blockchain Giant, Announces Partnership

Digipharm, the revolutionary blockchain solution tasked with transforming the healthcare sector, has partnered with a One-Stop shop for Blockchain-based services, Swisscom Blockchain. Founded by Swisscom, the largest broadband network in Switzerland, Swisscom Blockchain is the communications leader’s continued dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and providing excellent service.

Ahmed Abdulla, Founder and CEO of Digipharm stated that it’s alliance with Swisscom Blockchain as our technical development partners is somewhat unprecedented in the industry and a big step towards the application of Digipharms’ solutions in real-world settings. With this agreement we are able to accelerate the development of robust, scalable platforms with the highest levels of credibility, data privacy and inherent security.

We are working extremely hard, hand in hand with the world-class team at Swisscom Blockchain to bring fair pricing to healthcare and push the transition towards personalised therapy. This is massive news for the Digipharm team, our industry partners, investors and most importantly, healthcare systems and patients.

Generating over 11.6bil CH (12.2bil USD) in revenue for 2017, and with Two-thirds of the country’s population using the network, Swisscom is one of Switzerland’s leading IT companies.

In September 2017, the company unveiled its plans to enhance technological innovation in the country and further development by tapping into blockchain technology. This announcement became Swisscom Blockchain, which has since been approached by hundreds of blockchain-based startups. Swisscom Blockchain has not only remained highly selective about whom they choose to work with, but also have one of the most thorough and vigorous vetting and review process in the industry. All the reason why Digipharm’s collaboration with the company remains a remarkable achievement for the innovative startup.

Sven Möller, Swisscom Blockchain Head of ICO Advisory believes Swisscom Blockchain is proud to be in cooperation with Digipharm in the development of their game-changing platforms. We believe their platforms and vision are well placed to lead the advance of real-world uptake for blockchain technology in healthcare. We are convinced that our work together can make an impact on the global scale and we are delighted to support innovation at a local level. Our team of experts will work side by side with the Digipharm team to bring their vision to life, bring fair pricing to healthcare and benefit patients all over the world.

What is Digipharm?

Digipharm is bringing value-based healthcare to the forefront of medical service delivery through blockchain technology. The startup aims to accelerate healthcare delivery by dramatically restructuring the system from its existing fee-for-service structure to a value-based approach.

Digipharm completely bypasses the infrastructural limitations that have bogged the traditional system down and creates a flexible value-based pricing agreement backed by smart contracts. This system not only facilities the development of groundbreaking evidence-based platforms, but also reward patients for contributing their data.

Digipharm’s minimal viable product (MVP) is currently being developed by its highly skilled and experienced team. The MVP will be ready for launch immediately a Token Generation Event.

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