BitShares (BTS)


What is Bitshares exactly?

Bitshares is a special decentralized financial network and cryptocurrency internet technology that is difficult to summarize in a few words. You can see it as a powerful fintech tool with different layers. In that sense, it is a financial technical trip with different layers for achieving a fair decentralized financial and monetary system with its own programmable money. Crypto equity can be created and traded within this decentralized, transparent network without the intervention of banks. It will enable you to free yourself completely from interest-rate third parties. Every layer in this outing has its own special qualities. Let us discuss the most important layers of Bitshares.

BitShares is software

At its core, Bitshares is a high-quality piece of distributed open-source cryptographic software. It is completely independent and free of any party whatsoever and cannot be cracked by, among others, governments. In the past, governments have tried to curb free cryptographic software. This has failed every time. Bitshares as software is available to everyone in the public domain.

BitShares is a network

A bit higher, Bitshares is a p2p network of computers that use the Bitshares software and synchronize the database according to the rules of the software. The Bitshares network can survive as long as two computers can communicate with each other over the internet. Each computer has a copy of the network database and synchronizes it with all other computers. No one can manipulate or change this public ledger.