BitConnect (BCC)


BitConnect is a very popular platform where one can invest, invest, lend and trade in the digital currency of the same name. The purpose of this platform is not only to be able to do this in one place, but also to teach users to invest and to see the benefits of this. BitConnect has built up a complete community that they teach with user-friendliness and tutorials to generate a stable income. BitConnect is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency that is made for ordinary citizens. The decentralized system allows users to be completely independent of large banking systems and other bodies that control society. All cryptocurrency that you generate is yours and you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or subscription costs. Many people think that BitConnect’s services are unreliable or that this company is a scam and scams people. In our article we will elaborate on the services of this company and what benefits this can offer. After reading our review you can check whether BitConnect is reliable.

The only thing you have to enter is your starting capital ($ 500 by default) and your interest (0.90 by default). You will see that over time you can reinvest ever faster and more and that the profits will increase exponentially. The higher the starting capital, the faster you will start earning. Minimum stake is $ 100 and every deposit or reinvestment must be a round amount. With higher deposits you get extra interest percentages as a bonus, so you can earn money even faster with lending BitConnect.

BitConnect co-strike

Another method to earn money with BitConnect is through Coin strike. This means that you can earn money from the interest simply by holding the BitConnect coin. For this you obviously need BCC and you need the special Desktop wallet software. By storing BCC in your desktop wallet you help to maintain the security of the network. The more BCC you have, the more it will deliver. This form of “minen” is called Proof of Stake and is determined by the amount of coins you have. In the table below you can see what the interest rates are and you can calculate how much you can earn with the amount of coins you have.