Social Media Jumps on the Blockchain Journey

“Data breaches are on the rise. Be prepared,” said the company that recently got hacked. 145.5 mln customers lost their privacy and personal information. Equifax advertised state-of-the-art security, and yet they’ve been proven wrong. The Internet is insecure, and with social media platforms like Facebook accessing user images without consent, it’s no wonder a need for a better system must be put in place.

When online advertising and digital marketing stormed in, traditional research methods to target customers had to be let go. With the rise of the Internet and digitization, an industry worth billions had finally ended. Right now, paid ads on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are winning ground. The problem is, customers don’t control the data they own. Whether it’s visiting a website or buying a product for a consumer, or running digital marketing campaigns for brands and advertisers, the data people share online is monitored, tracked and shared with companies willing to pay to make a profit.

The fight for combating fake data and online fraud has just begun

Tech companies, credit bureaus, advertisers, government entities and publishers are outrun by so-called “profile vendors,” data management, ad exchanges and audience segmentation platforms that are only looking to make a profit. Blockchain might be able to end a war that’s just getting started. The perks of the Blockchain are endless and if leveraged correctly; the people might get the control they deserve over their data.

Social media on Blockchain

Better known as a social marketing and consumer profiling platforms, Robin8 is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data. The scope of the project is to provide a new advertising channel that centers on people as the media. The Robin8 platform works with machines to profile, match and rank people with advertisers and brands. The end goal is to help the people achieve an improved, more streamlined return on investment.

The automated system on which Robin8 relies ensures full transparency, social media and e-commerce measuring, third-party digital marketing verification, tracking and data management to ensure complete automation and scalability on the platform. One of Robin8’s main objectives is to give the data back to its owners (the people).

Social advertising within the ad-tech ecosystem

Robin8 leverages a profile utility token (PUT token) to streamline transactions on the Robin8 platform. Anonymous, secure and trusted, the end goal of the project is to compensate users and influencers for sharing their data, viewing or creating content, and not the other way round.

Built for a decentralized ad exchange, the PUT token connects consumers, advertisers, influencers and publishers, creating an efficient marketplace that benefits everyone enrolled in the Robin8 project. PUT uses an open-source, Blockchain-based Qtum protocol that works on highly-performant, secure smart contracts.

A tried and tested business model

The information users share on Robin8 is encrypted; hence safe and anonymous. Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, on Robin8 PUT users are in full control of their data and data privacy. It’s up to them to share it (or not) with advertisers and brands in exchange for PUT tokens.

Robin8 strongly believes that it’s fair to get compensation to the owner of the data. Since in the conventional digital realm, everything people share doesn’t really belong to them, the new Blockchain-based platform aims to fight clickbait advertising, ad fraud, and intrusive social media marketing. Built on the Qtum Blockchain, Robin8 aims at making a difference in the advertising scenario by awarding people for being part of social media.

The project has already completed 5,000+ marketing campaigns and gathered over 150,000 micro-influencers and 100,000+ content creators. The proven business model is growing at a fast pace and had already become profitable. The team and advisory board of Robin8 PUT is made of researchers, VPs and former CEOs who believe in secure and transparent social media advertising environment. They include Tan Siok Siok (VP Operations), Dr. Barry O’Sullivan (Chief, Artificial Intelligence), Alvin Foo (Head of Mobile and Innovation at OmnicomMedia Group), Bessie Lee (former CEO for WPP China), Dr. Janna Lipenkova (VP, Research & Development), and Milo Chao (former Chief Strategy Officer for TBWA China), just to name a few. The Robin8 PUT crowdsale will go live on Jan. 8, 2018.


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