CoinMarketCap Introduces iOS App – Website Rebrands on its Fifth Anniversary

CoinMarketCap, the website most used by crypto investors to check real-time coin prices, just announced huge updates to its platform this morning. The website was launched five years ago today, and the company is celebrating big. In addition to a brand new iOS mobile app, the website unveiled a brand new site design and logo, launched a ‘watchlist’, and has updated its public API.

In the beginning, CoinMarketCap began tracking seven different cryptocurrencies and only a handful of exchanges. Now, the company tracks over 1600 different cryptocurrencies, in addition to over 200 exchanges. According to Google’s Alexa, CoinMarketCap is currently among the top 200 most-visited websites around the globe.

iOS App

It’s an exciting day for cryptocurrency iPhone users, as the days of checking crypto coin prices via Safari are no more. You can download the app for your iPad or iPhone here.

The coolest feature of the new app is the watchlist. It allows investors to ‘favorite’ a coin that they follow frequently and aggregates each favorited coin onto the watchlist. CoinMarketCap’s founder, Brandon Chez, said in a statement this morning:

“With over 60 million unique visits to the site this year to date, we receive a lot of user feedback. The mobile application and watchlist have been the most requested updates.”

If you’ve downloaded the app and want to start building your watch list, start by clicking on a coin that you follow frequently. Just below the chart on the right-hand side, you will see a star. Click the star, and the coin is now added to your list. To access this list, Click the “top 100” box at the top, and you will find the ‘Watchlist’ in the drop-down menu.

If you check CoinMarketCap on a web browser throughout the day, the option to build a watchlist is there too. When on the main webpage, click the three little dots next to a coin’s seven-day graph. To access your new list, click the watchlist tab that is directly next to ‘cryptocurrencies’ under the top 100 title.

What remains still unknown is when an Android version of the application will become available.

Looking Ahead

CoinMarketCap also released a new version of its public API today. The company has been steadily working on a commercial version, and as per the press release, it is anticipated to be released within the next coming months.

“Our team is committed to ensuring each user has a positive experience with our platform and is able to access and customize the information according to their needs. The updates we’re announcing today bring us closer to realizing that vision, and we’ve got more exciting new features to release in the coming months,” Chez said via email to CryptoCurrencyNews.

What do you think of the new logo and app? About time – right? What coins are you adding to your watchlist? Comment in the box below!

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