2018: A Run Of Bullish Days For ICO’s And There’s More To Come

Twenty eighteen is a great year for ICO’s as it showing positive statistics. The ICO market is running bullish with prices skyrocketing. There are lots of new projects entering the ICO market indicating the rapid growth of the same. Decidedly, we can say ICO’s are booming in the year 2018 for the first two quarters.

ICO market stats 2017 vs 2018

When we compare the past year and the present year of the ICO, 2018 has been the bull market for ICO. New coins are entering the market almost every day when compared to the last year 2017. ICO’s in the current year are raising a huge sum of money than 2017. March 2018, was the biggest month of ICO fundraising, with $7.1 billion raised. February 2818, was the second largest month with $2.7 billion raised. For the year 2017, December was the biggest month with $1.61 billion of funds raised. The ICO’s in 2018 is aiming to raise more funds between $1 million to $10 million as a goal.

Top 5 ICO’s by the amount of fundraised 2018

  1. Essentia

Fundraised: $25,500,000

  1. Atlantis Blue Digital

Fundraised: $23,900,000

  1. GOToken

Fundraised: $21,000,000

  1. VirUS

Fundraised: $20,000,000

  1. Cruisebit

Fundraised: $16,000,000

ICO market the most productive countries 2018

United States is leading in the ICO market by the number of projects launched. Great Britain is in the second place followed by Russia, Switzerland, and Singapore respectively. The United States has 16.05% of ICO projects with $811,282,744 funds raised.

Image source: cointelegraph.com

Platform and cryptocurrencies were the leading categories of 2018. The other categories have also picked up their stake at the end of July.


Although there are regulations and scams making the ICO market less likely for the investors, the year 2018 has shown a great boom. Looking at the number of funds raised and upcoming ICO projects, the 2018 ICO market is said to be a “bull market”. The market price of the cryptocurrency tends to be on the downward spiral day by day and hence the marketing price of the coin is also on the negative side.

This July has shown a decline in the market. However, this August and the coming months are expected to raise huge funds.

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