Ardor (ARDR)


What is Ardor (ARDR)?

Advanced Blockchain Technology, Ardor ARDR is a blockchain-as-a-service platform that allows people to use Nxt’s blockchain technology through “child chain”. Since all processing will take place on the main chain of Ardor, the child-chain creators do not have to worry about common problems when creating a blockchain, but also to secure it with enough nodes. Child chain creators can use features currently seen in Nxt, such as decentralized phasing, mood and trade, and can interact with other child chains on the platform, including IGNIS, the first child chain to be launched.

The Ardor Main Chain

The Ardor Main Chain will be the place where all Ardor tokens (ARDR) will be placed. It will serve as the system that secures all Child Chains and processes their transactions. While some transactions are possible on the Main Chain, such as exchanging ARDR from one account to another, most functions are not available on the chain itself to improve performance and reduce blockchain bloat. Because it is 100% Proof-of-Stake, no additional processing will be needed for mining, as no new tokens are created. So no new tokens are added anymore because all Ardor ARDR tokens have already been created.


Each block that contains all transactions in the Child Chain is processed in approximately 60 seconds or less.


Transaction data of the Child Chain is cut, so that the size of the blockchain is independent of the number of Child Chains.


Ardor is built by Jelurida, the company of the core development team of Nxt, a blockchain with years of proven safety and stability.